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Life Journey of a Sabai grass artisan - Usha

A heart whelming story of Usha- a Sabai grass artisan

Usha is a very high-spirited and hardworking woman. She was born in a very poor family who could not even manage two meals a day.

At just the age of 14, Usha had to take huge responsibilities on her shoulders when she got married as her in-law family had no working members and soon there was not a single grain left in the house. Breaking all the prejudices, Usha stepped out of the house and her journey started from cooking food at Anganwadi to getting training for Sabai Grass Craft and now she continues to run the business successfully as the Secretary of Sabai Farmer's Producer Group. Her embarkment has now motivated more than 500 women in the village to step out to earn their livelihood.

These women have become experts and trained artisans. Despite doing their household chores, they visit their workshop daily and engage themselves rigorously in Product making and their approach has made a mere rope making labour intensive grass into a beautiful utility handicraft item.

Sabai grass(Botanical name: Eulaliopsis binata) is also known as 'Bubei' in local terms. It is grown in the farmlands when the soil becomes infertile.

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