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Sustainable Packaging - A need of the hour

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

“I am working on sustainable packaging solutions out of bamboo and other natural materials that are either being engineered or manpower is being used to build a product based on the use cases defined and material feasibility..”

Whenever we purchase any product, the packaging is something which is a huge waste yet it is very important to increase life, desirability and keep the product safe. The packaging is something that is causing a devastating impact on the environment when being dumped or recklessly thrown and I believe it is a huge cause for climate change. There is a need for some sustainable alternatives and packaging/no packaging alternatives that creates a closed-loop in the ecosystem so that the waste is either not generated or the waste degrades easily in the environment.

Born in a material and culture-rich country where craft is in every village household, It is important to harness these traditions and processes which were always sustainable in the olden times and now the need of the hour. These simple age-old techniques, processes, and materials with some intervention can bring a radical change in our globally arising problems of pollution.

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