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About ecoloop

Welcome to the world of sustainability, we believe through each other’s conscious choices and decisions we can make the world a better place for our future generations. We are determined to develop as much as eco friendly alternatives to all the product packaging needs so that no packaging gets dumped as the product comes out of it. The packaging would either be a new use to you or something that is not having an adverse impact on the environment. We imagine a world with more conscious use of materials and mindfulness.


Our Work and way forward

We at ecoloop support more than 500 artisans. 

We are developing eco-friendly packaging solutions out of bamboo and other natural materials sourced from the villages across India and developed by the artisans from the villages themselves. We are introducing various small technological innovations in the production process in order to make cost-effective products


We are working on sustainable packaging using various natural materials like bamboo, Sabai grass, straws, etc, and are way forward to standardizing packaging made up of natural materials so that it also becomes as user-friendly as a paper-based or polymer packaging. We work in a collaborative model with the artisans, our clients, and the design team at ecoloop.

The beginning

ecoloop is founded by Chandni Khandelwal, a graduate of NIFT Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Her concerns and sensitivity towards environmental problems always made her look at the side of pollution caused by plastic dumping and when she saw her own plastic wastes each day, She decided to collect all of them during her college days and collected an 85 cm trolley with plastic bags in the last 2 years of her course. She realised that major plastics come from the packaging and thus while studying in nift, she was exposed to a lot of natural materials and craft clusters in Odisha, this triggered the beginning of ecoloop's journey along with a strong cluster network of more than 500 artisans.

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